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Graduate Program


Focal Discipline

of Zhejiang Pro.

Master Degree Program

School of Ocean Science and Technology

● Ocean Science (Key focal discipline)

▲Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

■Ocean Science (Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography, Physical Oceanography, Marine Chemistry, Island Exploitation and Protection,, marine pharmacy)

School of Fisheries

▲Fisheries Science

■Fisheries(Fishing Science, Fishery Resource, Aquaculture Science, Fishery Economics and Management, Aquatic Product Processing & Storage)

◆Master of Agricultural Extension ( Fishery )

School of Food Science and Pharmaceutics

▲Aquatic Product Processing Technology & Storage Engineering

▲Marine Biomedicine

■Ocean Science ( Marine Biomedicine)

◆Master of Agricultural Extension ( Food Processing and Safety)

■Fisheries(Aquatic Product Processing Technology & Storage Engineering)

School of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

▲Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

■Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering (Design and Construction of Naval Architecture and Marine Structure, Marine Gears, Ocean Engineering, Acoustics, Marine Oil & Gas Engineering)

◆Master of Agricultural Extension (Agricultural Mechanization )

School of Shipping, Port & Civil Engineering

■Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering(Marine Gears, Ocean Engineering, Acoustics)

School of Petro-Chemical and Energy Engineering

▲Oil and Gas Storage & Transportation Engineering

■Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering(Marine Oil & Gas Engineering)

◆Master of Engineering(Communication and Transportation Engineering)

School of Mathematics, Physics & Information Science

◆Master of Agricultural Extension (Agricultural informatization )

School of Management

■Fisheries (Fishery Economics and Management)

◆ Master of Agricultural Extension (Rural and Regional Development, Implementation & Service of Agricultural Science & Technology )

School of Humanities and Liberal Arts

School of Foreign Languages


(1) Focal discipline;”●” refersto Key Focal Discipline of 12thFive-Year Plan of Zhejiang Province; “▲”refers to Focal Discipline of 12thFive-Year Plan of ZhejiangProvince.

(2) Master Degree Programme: "■"refers to master degree programs in the first level discipline;  "()"are master degree programs in the second level discipline; “◆”refers to professional master degree type,and phrases in “()” are the areas which professional master degree programbelongs to..

(3) Master of Agricultural Extension(Aquaculture) programme is set byMarine& Fishery Res. Inst.(Marine Fisheries Res. Inst. Of Zhejiang Pro.); whileMasterof Agricultural Extension (Facility Agriculture ) by National Marine FacilityAquaculture Engineering and Technology Center.

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