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Undergraduate Program  
Undergraduate Program


Focal Discipline

of Zhejiang Province

Bachelor Degree Programs

School of Ocean Science and Technology

● Ocean Science

▲Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Marine Technology

★Biological Science

☆Ocean Science


Environmental Science

Environmental Engineering

School of Fisheries

▲Fisheries Science

▲◇★Marine Fishery Science & Technology

☆Marine Fishery Resource and Environment

Aquaculture Science

School of Food Science and Pharmaceutics

▲Aquatic Product Processing Technology & Storage Engineering

▲Marine Biomedicine

Food Science and Engineering,

Food Quality and Safety

☆Pharmaceutical Science



School of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

▲Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

▲★Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

☆Naval Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Marine Engineering and Technology

★Mechanical Designing

Manufacturing & Automation,

★Electrical Engineering & Automation

Electronic Information Engineering


Energy & Power Engineering

School of Shipping, Port & Civil Engineering

Marine Gears(management direction)

Marine Gears(repair direction)

Navigation Technology

☆Port and Coastal Engineering

Civil Engineering

Building Environment & Energy Application Engineering

School of Petro-Chemical and Energy Engineering

▲Oil and Gas Storage & Transportation Engineering

☆Oil and Gas Storage & Transportation Engineering

Chemical Engineering & Technique

Safety Engineering

Marine Oil & Gas Engineering

School of Mathematics, Physics & Information Science

★Mathematics & Applied Mathematics, (Teaching Orientation)

Computer Science & Technology

Information and Computing Science

Physics (Teaching Orientation)

School of Management

★Administrative Management



Tourism Management


Financial Management

School of Humanities and Liberal Arts

Chinese Language & Literature (Teaching Orientation)

Chinese Language & Literature (Advanced Administrative Secretary)

History (Teaching Orientation)

School of Foreign Languages

English (Teaching Orientation)

English (literature)

Business English


(1)Focal discipline “●” refers to KeyFocal Discipline of 12thFive-Year Plan of Zhejiang Province

“▲”refersto Focal Discipline of 12thFive-Year Plan of Zhejiang province

(2)Bachelor Degree Programs:

“▲”refers to state-levelcharacteristic specialties;

“◇”refers to the reform and testing specialties of StateExcellent Agro-Forest Talent Fostering Plan;

”refers to focal specialties in Zhejiang province;

”refers to the strong and leading specialties in Zhejiangprovince.

“☆”refers to characteristic orInternationalizedspecialty in Zhejiang province

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