Rules and Regulations for Foreign Students
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1.1 In order to ensure that the university runs smoothly and to have a productive teaching/learning environment, also to ensure that all of the foreign students are in a healthy condition to complete their studies on time and according to the “People’s Republic of China Educational Law” and the “People’s Republic of China Higher Educational Law”, Changsha Medical University (hereafter referred to as ZJOU) has established foreign students rules and regulations. The regulations apply to all foreign students.

1.2 According to the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China and all other relevant laws and nationally related stipulations, ZJOU combines the reality and restricted management behavior to legally maintain ZJOU in a normal running order, also to improve the teaching/learning quality and to protect foreign students’ legitimate rights and educational interests.

1.3 While enrolled at ZJOU, students must abide by the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, Chinese law, and the university’s regulations to raise good moral character and study diligently and strive for realism and innovation.

2.1  The foreign students’ legal rights are protected by the Chinese law and the university strives to respect every students’ legal rights.
2.2  Students have the following rights:    

2.2.1 To participate in all teaching curriculum and studying activities and follow the university’s regulations in order to use university facilities and properties.

2.2.2 According to the Chinese law and school-related stipulations, to participate in social activities and recreational sports activities.

2.2.3 To obtain the scholarship according to the university’s regulations and judgement.

2.2.4 With respect to personal character, academic achievement and fair appraisal, all foreign students should complete their studies according to the teaching curriculum. Those who have qualified academic records can be awarded the corresponding diploma and degree after the assessment and documentation of the Education Administration.
2.3 The enrolled foreign student must fulfill the following obligations and duties:

2.3.1 Abide by the Chinese laws and university’s regulations for discipline.

2.3.2 In accordance with the national and the university stipulations, submit tuition fees and all other related expenses on time.

2.3.3 Obey the university’s administrating management, maintain the university in good running order, foster good moral character, and behave in a good manner.

2.3.4 Study diligently and complete work on time as advised by university teachers and administration.


3.1 The foreign student must observe the campus regulations, respect and protect the public facilities, maintain the campus normal order;maintain public order;respect teachers' and staff’s work.

3.2 The library, the reading rooms, the classrooms, the laboratories, the dormitories, and all other school properties are for students’ studying and living. They are public properties, and the student has the responsibility to respectfully use and protect them all. If the student damages these public properties, the student shall pay compensation for damage caused.

3.3 The student must observe all dormitory regulations. Other persons are not permitted to stay overnight in the foreign students dormitory without advance authorization.

3.4 Any distribution of information that is in violation of Chinese laws and regulations, or the school’s regulations, will result in disciplinary action. Excessive alcoholic drinking, gambling, fighting, and public disturbances are also prohibited. Violations of these regulations will result in disciplinary action.

3.5Students should follow the rules and regulations about the use of the Internet in China and are not permitted to download harmful information when they use the campus’ network.

3.6Students are not permitted to create religious groups or organizations within the Campus. Students are not permitted to carry out religious activities in public areas of ZJOU campus.


4.1 Foreign students must participate in all the activities according to their class schedule and all other activities required by the university.Students are also expected to be on time for all classes.Students should not be absent without written permission for absence due to urgent business or sickness.Students who miss multiple classes may face the following penalties:criticizing, warning, class failure, suspension, or being expelled from the university.

4.2All foreign students must participate in all the activities organized by school.Being absent from extracurricular activities will be considered as six class absences.

4.3The students who requests a leave of absence must submit a written application to the International Exchanges Division.When their application for leave is received they will be issued a certificate of absence.If the student takes leave for medical reasons, then he is required to present a written documentation, from the doctor to the International Office.

4.4 Foreign students should abide by the laws and statutes of the Peoples Republic of China.Also the rules and regulations of Zhejiang Ocean University.


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