Pisa Marine Graduate School of Zhejiang Ocean University Has been Approved to Establish by Chinese Ministry of Education
2018-09-29 18:29 Li Zhouyan    (Click: )


Recently, Pisa Marine Graduate School of Zhejiang Ocean University has been approved to establish by Chinese Ministry of Education.

Pisa Marine Graduate School of Zhejiang Ocean University belongs to Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school with non-legal person status, jointly run by Zhejiang Ocean University, China (ZJOU) and the University of Pisa, Italy (UNIPI).  


The School is set up at the campus of ZJOU, and will enroll 30 students in Marine Biology Specialty and Food Processing & Safety Specialty respectively per year.

Students who successfully complete their study on this program and pass all the examinations shall be granted by ZJOU the ZJOU Master Student Graduation Certificate of Higher Education; students who meet the degree awarding requirements of ZJOU and the UNIPI, respectively, shall be awarded Master Degree by UNIPI.

Any Italian student who wants to study in this program shall observe the relevant regulations about international students studying in China and is included in the total enrollment scale.

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