Lord Tu'ivakano, the Hon. Speaker of Legislative Assembly of the Kingdom of Tonga visited ZJOU
2018-09-20 17:20 Li Zhouyan    (Click: )

On September 19th, 2018, Lord Tu'ivakano, the hon. Speaker of legislative assembly and the former Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Tonga visited ZJOU with his delegation.

Liu Hongming, the Party Secretary of ZJOU, warmly welcomed the delegation of the Kingdom of Tonga, composed of the hon. Speaker of legislative assembly, and commissioners for economy, trade & tourism in China. He said, ZJOU will further deepen the cooperation with the Kingdom of Tonga, and continue to train excellent seafarers and fishery talents for Tonga, make joint efforts to develop and utilize marine resources, as well as co-build “Sino-Tonga Ocean University” and Sino-Tonga Ocean Research Institute, aiming to further promote the development of Pacific islands.

Lord Tu'ivakano, expressed his gratitude to the hospitality of ZJOU, and gave high praise to the development of ZJOU. He said, under the background of the Belt and Road Initiative, the cooperation between China and Tonga bears strongly on the prospects of peace and stability in the Pacific islands, and the cooperation between ZJOU and Tonga will be more strengthened.


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