Thomas·Noval, the Sheriff of Nordland County of Norway visited Zhejiang Ocean University with his delegation
2018-05-25 14:25 Li Zhouyan    (Click: )

On May 24, Thomas·Noval, the sheriff of Nordland County of Norway with his delegation visited Zhejiang Ocean University (ZOU), and gave a vivid lecture entitled “the oceans, we’re all sharing”, emphasizing on protecting oceanic ecology and environment, and marine sustainable development. He said, there were extensive cooperation space in the fields of intelligent Marine ranching, Marine tourism and Marine shipping between China and Norway. He hoped that Zhejiang province and Norland County can conduct further exchanges and cooperation, and jointly make greater contributions to promoting the sustainable development of Marine economy.

During his visit, Yan Xiaojun, the president of ZOU, met with Hild-Marit Olsen, the executive of Education of Nordland County Council, Bjoern Olsen,  the president of Nord University, and Bjorn Olsen, the dean of the Arctic University, and discussed issues on deep cooperation on education and scientific research in a meeting exchange. He put forward to further cooperation in the field of Aquaculture, Marine ranching, fisheries resources management, Marine environment, Marine geography, Marine engineering commerce, logistics and shipping, as well as  in personnel training and scientific and technological innovation.

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