President Yanxiaojun Visited Universities and Research Institutes of Italy and Cyprus with His Delegation
2018-04-27 10:25 Li Zhouyan    (Click: )

From April 19th to 26th, President Yan Xiaojun visited universities and research institute of Italy and Cyprus with his delegation. During stay in Italy, they visited the headquarters of the Italian National Institute of Environmental Protection (ISPRA) and its subsidiary Livorno Marine Research Station (ISPRA-LIVORNO), Livorno Municipal Government, and Cyprus Science and Technology University.

During the visit to ISPRA, two sides negotiated on cooperation in conducting scientific research on marine environment, reached cooperation intentions in the fields of bio-application technology, ecological independence, ecological restoration and water treatment materials, as well as reached consensus on jointly applying for EU or Sino-Italian international cooperation projects, jointly conducting personnel training, scientific researchers exchange, and convening academic seminars.

Meanwhile, ZJOUsigned a research cooperation agreement with the ISPRA-LIVORNO, taking applying for European “Horizon Project” as the key point, to further promote the joint doctoral training between ZJOU and Federico II University of Italy. During the visit, President Yan Xiaojun and Italian expert Dr. Isabelle Buttino respectively gave an academic report to 15 experts of ISPRA-LIVORNO.

During the visit to the Cyprus Science and Technology University, both sides signed MOU on teaching and research cooperation, and ZJOU will introduce outstanding scholars from the Cyprus Science and Technology University as " Thousand Foreign Talent" of Zhejiang province, and will also help the Cyprus Science and Technology University to develop disciplines in the fields of Aquatic Sciences and Marine Biology.

During his stay in Italy, President Yan Xiaojun also met with the leaders of Livorno of Italy, to promote cooperation between Livorno City and Zhoushan City of China. Liwo Daily reported on the visit of President Yan Xiaojun.

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