To Challenge the Limits and to Embrace the Diversity
2017-10-30 15:10 Liu Chaojie    (Click: )

The 73 international students from 13 countries are approaching an athlete team, marching in orderly pace, and shouting loud slogans “great moments in life and magnificent ZJOU (Zhejiang Ocean University)” in the 20thsports meeting . Our international students are beautiful scenery on the playground and become a light spot in the 20thsports meeting in ZJOU.

The strengths and competitive forces of our international students has proved that life is a process of struggle for success and nothing can substitute for hard work. They make joint efforts to overwhelming win in the sports meeting such as 100-meter race, 200-meter race,4X400-meter rely race, long jump and so on. During the game, the international students have acted in great concert with each other, encouraged each other and showed respects to all the competitors, embodying the spirit “friendship first and competition second ”. The international students have done good jobs in the sports meeting , which exhilarated all the participants.

After the sports meeting, Kazantseva.Iullia told us that because of sports meeting, she dares to be different; because of sports meeting, she dares to challenge the limits; because of sports meeting , she dares to embrace the diversity. The international affairs office will try its best to build platforms to bring out the creativity in all the international students.


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