Welcome Foreign Students to Study in ZJOU in fields of Marine Science, Aquaculture, or Food Processing & Safety
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1.Level of Enrollment :

Post-graduate Students


Bachelor's Degree, Healthy,

Obey the Laws and Regulations of The People's Republic of China ,

Follow the School Regulations


(1)Marine Science (0707)

Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography (070703):

Marine Ecology

Marine Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Marine genetics and breeding

Marine aquculture

(2)Aquaculture (0908)

(3)Aquaculture (090801)

Aquaculture ecological environment and diease prevention

Breeding and development of aquaculture

Breeding Science and Technolgy

(4)Fishery Resources (090803)

Fishery biology

Evaluation and management of fishery resources

Fishery water environment evaluation and restorement

(5)Economics and management of Fishery(0908Z1)

Economics of fishery and development

Market economics and aquatic product circulation

Policy and regulation of fishery

(6)Food processing and safety(095113)

Food processing and storage engineering

Food safety and hygiene management

Extraction and application of natural products

4.Durations of Study: 2-3 years

5.Teaching Language: English

6.Tuition: 18000RMB/Per Year

7.Accommodation Fee: 450RMB/ Per Month


CSC(China Scholarship Council)

People's Goverment of Zhejiang Province Scholarship

Zhejiang Ocean University Scholarship


Contact line : +86 580 2550759

E-mail : wsc@zjou.edu.cn

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