The Undergraduate-graduate Consistent System ‘4 + 2’Will Be Conducted Between ZJOU And SUSU
2016-01-01 19:15 Li Zhouyan  审核人:   (Click: )

   On 31 December,2015, ZhejiangOcean University(ZJOU) and South Ural State University of Russia(SUSU) signed the "Agreement On Implementation Of An Educational Program Named Undergraduate-graduate Consistent System ‘4+2’", referring to the three specialties, i.e. Electrical Engineering and  Automatization, Machine Design Manufacture and Automation, and Economics.

   The number of participantsi n this program is no more than 40, otherwise, the number in 3 specialties is no more than 120.

   The term of the program lasts six years, including four-year studying in ZJOU, and the fifth and sixth year in SUSU.

   Participants who complete the four-year studying in ZJOU and receive the bachelor's degree and diploma, will be enrolled in South Ural State University for master- degree studying in English without any entrance examinations.

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