professor Jo - Ann c. Leong of the University of Hawaii Made Lectures in ZOU
2015-04-30 20:12 Li Zhouyan  审核人:   (Click: )

During April 17 to April 28, professor Jo - Ann c. Leong, the director of the Institute of Marine biology at the university of Hawaii, gave 8 lectures to postgraduates of ZOU, which referred to Biotechnological methods in Aquaculture, Broodstock selection (shrimp, salmon, tilapia),Fish Health and biotechnology (adpatve immunity, antimicrobial peptides),Viral pathogens and diseases (DNA vaccines),Embryogenesis and Stem cells (clonal fish), Gene Transfer, Cryopreservation and Environmental considerations and ethics.  

     Professor Jo - Ann c. Leong holds 3 patents for the first viral vaccine for fish and the first DNA vaccine for aquacultured species in the U.S. It was in her laboratory that a new genus of Rhabdoviridae, the Novirhabdovirus, was discovered and the type virus, Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus, kills millions of young trout and salmon each year.  She has devoted much of her career to the development of vaccines and control strategies for diseases of aquatic organisms.  At the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, Dr. Leong has assembled a faculty whose expertise includes coral reef ecosystem health, marine vertebrate and invertebrate evolution, connectivity and biogeography.



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