Lord Tu'ivakano, the Hon. Speaker of Legislative Assembly of Tonga Visited ZOU with His Delegation
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  On February13, 2015, Lord Tu'ivakano, the hon. Speaker of legislative assembly of Tonga visited ZOU. Party secretary Zhou Kefei, president Wu Changwen, and vice president Yu Congda, Xu Shiyuan, Zhang yuanlong and Xu Hanxiang of ZOU, warmly received the delegation of Tonga, which was composed of the hon. Speaker of legislative assembly, commissioner for economy, trade & tourism in China, deputy ministry for agriculture, forestry and fisheries, deputy minister for education, principal of Tonga Maritime Polytechnic Institute, deputy minister for foreign affairs and trade, personal assistant to the Lord, representative for private sector, and official representative for the development center of trade and tourism in China of Tonga.

  During the meeting, Lord Tu'ivakano said that Tonga was rich in fishery resources, hoping ZOU would train excellent seafarers and fishery talents for Tonga, and make joint efforts to develop and utilize marine resources.  


  President Wu Changwen put forward cooperation suggestions on one university, i.e. Sino-Tonga Ocean University, one Institute, i.e. Sino-Tonga Ocean Institute, and one base, i.e. Sino-Tonga Mariculture development base. He said, for the university, it depended on Tonga’s needs to set up specialties, for the institute, it can develop in the fields of marine fishery resources management, marine fishery technology, intensive processing of aquatic products, marine ecology, marine new energy technology and marine tourism planning&development, and for the base, it emphasized on the research and development of parent fish breeding, fish species seedling and breeding technology.        

  Lord Tu'ivakano said, he was confident about the prospect of cooperative relations with ZOU, and the delegation would record the three constructive cooperation suggestions in detail to present to the government of Tonga, and the agreement would be facilitated in the near future.      


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