ZOU held The Cross Strait Academic Conference on Aquatic Biology
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    As one of Zhoushan Islands New Area Talent • Technology • Project Exchange activities, The Cross Strait Academic Conference on Aquatic Biology was held at the Zhejiang Ocean University on November 9, 2011. President Wu attended the conference and made a speech. Professor Shen Shixin, Li Xuanshi and other professors from Taiwan Ocean University had very heated discussion with teachers from Marine Science School and Fishery School of ZOU. Topics refered to the utilization of marine organism, the development of fishery industry and related technology, the cooperation of talent, technology and projects between two universities and suggestions about the development of Zhoushan Islands New Area. More than 60 related teachers and students attended the conference.

    Wu showed thankness to those professors who came from Taiwan. He said, two universities established ’The Cross Strait Aquatic Biology Research Centre’ last May. At the same time, ZOU paid attention to the cooperation with Taiwan Ocean University, and hoped the extended exchange of students and teachers.

    In the part of the Expert Report, experts from the two universities made speech on related research areas, and discussed some interested topics

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