Professor Tachibana of Nagasaki University visits ZOU
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    Professor Tachibana of Japan Nagasaki University visited ZOU with his party for communication during 28 February and 2 March. President of ZOU, Wu Changwen, teachers from International Exchange and Cooperation Division, School of Marine Science and School of Marine Fisheries attended discussion meeting.

    After the introduction of each university, especially related majors and program construction, Vice President Wu pointed out that the rapid development of connection with Japanese universities, especially in marine area, has significant impact on internationalization of higher education. Professor Tachibana showed that the Nagasaki University takes the cooperation relationship seriously. In these years, the number of exchange students of these two universities increased continually, as well as the relationship. Professor Tachibana also bestowed high praise on ZOU’s students who are studying in Japan.

    In the discussion meeting, two universities decided to start cooperation on the bases of equality and mutual benefit as below: 1. Send teachers and administrative staff for exchange visits; 2. Send students for exchange visits; 3. Promote scientific research together; 4. Hold academic seminars together; 5. Exchange academic data.

    Nagasaki University will accept 5 students per year as exchange students from next year. Because of the high trust, these exchange students could be start school without interview.

   Professor Tachibana also visited some labs in Eastern and Western Campus, and Changzhi Campus.

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