President Wu Changwen visits UBC
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    In these days, President Wu visited the University of British Columbia (UBC), the Northwest Marine Technology (NMT) and the College of Micronesia with his party for academic communication and cooperation arrangement, and gained significant achievement.

    The UBC is a famous university which is the earliest university in British Columbia. In 2010, it is No. 30 university in the world and No. 2 university in Canada. The NMT is the top institute of the mark technique of fish migration. They developed many mark skills such as tap mark, fluorescent light mark, binary system mark and line code mark which is introduced to the ocean research of resource in North East Pacific Region as the successful mark technique for trout. The College of Micronesia and ZOU are Twin University.

    These three departments and ZOU reached agreements as below: 1. ZUO send visiting scholars to UBC for research every year; 2. ZUO develop the research of marine organism migration tracking with NMT; 3. ZUO will send some teachers to NMT as visiting scholars; 4. The College of Micronesia and ZOU build the China- Micronesia marine scientific working team.

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