President Miao Zhenqing visits Taiwan
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    During 26 May and 1 June, President Miao Zhenqing participated the Marine Economy Introduction Activity which organized by Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission in Gaoxiong, Taiwan, and signed the memorandum of understanding with National Penghu University (NPU).

    ‘Marine Economy Introduction’ is one of the key Taiwan series activities organized by Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission. The introduction activity includes: propagandize and introduce the development base of marine economy in Zhejiang Province and the development situation of construction planning of marine economy development demonstration area; sign a series of cooperative agreements on Port Logistics, Marine Organism, Harbor Industry, Agricultural Leisure and marine technology education; import Taiwan enterprises and universities to participant the construction of marine economy development demonstration area.

    During the introduction activity, NPU and ZOU reached a consensus on teachers’ exchange, short-term lectures, students’ short-term internship, academic thesis discussion, academic seminar, scientific research and data sharing, and signed the memorandum of understanding.

    National Penghu University (NPU) is a comprehensive university which own vivid marine character. The distribution of major includes many areas such as fishery industry, tourism and management, and three colleges: College of Ocean Resource and Engineering, College of Humanities and Management and College of Tourism and Leisure, as well as 12 Departments and 5 Graduate Institutes.

    President Miao also met professors and leaders from National Taiwan Ocean University, National Kaohsiung Marine University and National Pingtung University of Science and Technology during his visit in Taiwan. The connection makes marine universities in Taiwan gain a better understanding of our university.

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