Dean of Business School of the University of Greenwich visits ZOU
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    Professor Robert Mayor, Dean of Business School of the University of Greenwich, visited Zhejiang Ocean University on June 13, 2011 with his party. Zhejiang Ocean University President Miao Zhenqing met them and had a friendly discussion with Professor Mayor.

    During their talk, President Miao briefed Dean Mayor on ZOU’s recent distribution of majors, and showed the desire of exchange and cooperation with the University of Greenwich by teachers’ exchange and training, students’ joint training and scientific research. Two universities discussed issues of students’ exchange programs details such as ‘3+1’, ‘2+2’ style, and reached a consensus.

    University of Greenwich, locates in London, UK, was built in 1890. Its precursor is Woolwich Institute of Technology, the second technology college in UK which was built near the site of the Royal Arsenal. Currently, the University of Greenwich is one of the largest 10 universities in UK. The number of current students in University of Greenwich, who come from more than 100 countries, is over 17000. The Business School of the university owns advanced international ideas and rapid development, and trains a number of business talents for society.

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