International students enjoyed Mid-Autumn Day
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    On the evening of September 9, 2011, about 20 international students and foreign experts of ZOU, who come from the USA, Russia, India, Philippines, Mongolia, Micronesia, Ireland, Greece and Sweden, participated in the discussion party organized by international cooperation and exchage office and enjoyed the Chinese Teaching Day and Mid-autumn Day.

    In the party, all the students and experts firstly introduced themselves. They were excited because of new friends and warm environment in ZOU. Foreign experts enjoyed the embrace from international students.

    Indian experts and Irish students sang a Chinese song ‘Looking for friends’ as the opening ceremony of the party. The communication became alive and interesting. Subsequently, students and teachers from Russia played a happy Russian minor. Other international students also performed wonderful programs. Chinese students and teachers sang ‘Ode to the Motherland’ as response.

    In the two hours, these foreign friends communicated pleasurably. With the delicious moon cakes, they felt warmth abroad.

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