2014’China Zhejiang International Marine Sci-tech Conference was held in ZOU
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   On October 10, 2014’China zhejiang international marine sci-tech conference,jointly organized by the ZOU and Korean Academy of International Business Management,was held in Zhejiang Ocean University.The theme is: To the World beyond Asia: Globalization of Business Strategies. 26 experts from 13 Korean universities and 5 experts from 5 Chinese universities attended the conference.    

   The opening ceremony was held in the morning in Adcamic hall of ZOU, Changzhi Campus. Prof. KIM SEOGSOO, the president of Korean Academy of International Business Management, made an opening speech; on behalf of ZOU, vice-president Zhang Yuanlong delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony, and wished the comference a complete success.    

   Then academic reports were respectively presented by 21 experts in four venues simultaneously, around the topics of the Zhejiang chamber of commerce, SME integrated supply chain managemen in China's processing trade, as well as e-commerce innovation and policy implications.    


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