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Q1 Is there any good place for foreigners to have a visit on weekends? What are they?
   A: Yes. There are many good places for them to travel on weekends or during a festival. They are Putuo Mount, Zhujiajian Island, Taohua Island, Dongji Island and etc. 

   Q2 What is the first thing for international students to do when they arrive here?
   A: They must make an application for residence in Zhoushan at a local police bureau with their passports. 

   Q3 Can international students see a doctor in a local hospital when they are not well? What about the expenses for seeing a doctor?
   A:International students can go to any Zhoushan municipal hospital or community clinic for seeing a doctor. Regarding expenses, they differ from the types of illness. But they must be the same with local persons. For international students, they can claim the expenses from insurance company, in which they have applied for accident insurance, if they see a doctor because of accidents. 

   Q4 If the international student quits his or her study at Zhejiang Ocean University, can the fee
be refundable?
   A:The fee can not be refundable after he or she gets study visa or begins the study. 

   Q5 If one has a study visa, can he or she go abroad or go back to his or her own county during his/her stay in China?
   A: Yes, the study visa is a multiple visa. He or she can enter or exit China several times during the valid period. 

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