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James Lusana (Right Two). Currently An Assistant Lecturer in Fisheries Technology at University of Dar Es Salaam in Department of Aquatic Science and Fisheries Technology    Hello, I am James Lusana from Tanzania and an alumni of Zjou. It was a great pleasure to pursue my master studies at Zjou from 2016 to 2018.  
    ZJOU is the good place to excel in academic and extracurricular programs. The campus is beautiful. Teachers, students and other workers are friendly providing conducive environment for learning.  Not only I enjoyed studying here, I also gained experience on how to build a good reputation. 
    Words cannot express how painful it was to leave Zjou after my studies. But it was a time for me to part from you, we all had a wonderful time that will last for lifetime. I treasure your support, help and guidance. Thanks for the wondering memories.I miss ZJOU a lot.
    Currently, I'm an Assistant Lecturer in Fisheries Technology at University of Dar Es Salaam in Department of Aquatic Science and Fisheries Technology. I teach Genetics, Fish Ecology, Taxonomy and Biology courses. I'm extremely passionate about continuing to work and grow in this field, thus I am planning to apply for PhD studies. 


 Nancy,PhD student in marine science department at Suez Canal University

 I still remember that day when I left my school with my friends Ariel and Jamal, I was very emotional when I hugged my friends and AyiI cried when I said goodbye to my friend WubinIt's difficult to explain these sad feelings, it was really hard to leave my lovely school, friends and teachers.
I miss them too much.But I left with a lot of sweet memories, thanks Zhejiang Ocean University.I just finished a professional diploma of aquaculture and now am a PhD student in marine science department at Suez Canal University.

Angie, studying at Zhejiang Ocean University for Master degree

Studying at Zhejiang Ocean University was among the greatest choice I have ever made in my life, they didn’t only offer me wonderful lectures but with abundant of experiences and opportunities, I was able to graduate with highest marks and recognized well with the great University for my PhD studies, I do adore you Zhejiang Ocean University and as you do celebrate your 60’s Anniversary, I wish you nothing but the best and strength in more years to come. Happy 60’s Anniversary zhejiang Ocean University, I love you and I miss you so much.



 The head of international networking department of South Ural State University,Russia

My name is Artem, I’m from Russia, the city of Chelyabinsk.

I was an exchange student from South Ural StateUniversity, in the fall semester, 2012, and studied the marine biology course at Zhejiang Ocean University.

In the beginning of July, 2012, I had just got abachelor degree and was planning to continue studying master, when I was given an opportunity to study abroad at ZJOU as an exchange student. There had started a new page of my life, full of new experience, new acquaintancesand friends, new knowledge and views.

Before that trip to China (which was my first longjourney abroad), I had always been interested in Chinese culture and language,practiced Chinese martial arts for three years, but despite it, I got into the absolutely unfamiliar environment. And it was totally great! You won’t believe how it broadened my mind and endued me with new views.

By now, I have got a master degree, and have been working for almost 3 years at my alma-mater, the South Ural State University,the International affairs division, as the head of international networking department. My fields of work are international students and collaboration with Chinese universities, and I’d like to notice that significance of the collaboration level development between SUSU and ZJOU cannot be overestimated and I’m proud to be a part of it.

There is no doubt that the exchange program with ZJOU had become the key to the great world of China for me. I’m glad to discover it everysingle day and really happy every time when I have an opportunity to come to China. It feels like China has become my home away from home.  (November, 2015)      









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