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Chinese Government Scholarship
 Full or partial scholarships, including scholarships for undergraduates,postgraduates, Chinese learners, etc., are provided according to the agreements or understanding between the Ministry of Education of China and other foreign institutions, universities or international organizations. The applicantsshould submit applications to the related institutions, universities that are responsible for sending students abroad, or the embassy (general consulate) of China in the country.


Please refer more info to http://www.csc.edu.cn/Laihua/scholarshiplisten.aspx?cid=97


Zhejiang Ocean University Scholarship

The scholarship includes full scholarship and partial scholarship.
1. Full Scholarship:

Full scholarship will be awarded to excellentinternational students recommended by specified foreign friendshipuniversities. This scholarship is used for one round-trip ticket, registration,tuition, buying learning materials, accommodation, living formalities in China,insurance for major diseases and emergencies, and living expenses, etc.
 2. Partial Scholarship
Partial Scholarship Type A: This scholarship will beawarded to excellent international students coming to ZJOU to pursue master's degree. It will be mainly used for registration, tuition, buying learningmaterials, accommodation and insurance, etc.
 Partial Scholarship Type B: This scholarship will be awarded to excellent international students coming to ZJOU to pursue bachelor's degree. It will be mainly used for registration,tuition, buying learning materials, partial accommodation and insurance, etc.
Partial Scholarship Type C:This scholarship will be awarded to outstanding long-term students who have already been studying in ZJOU.

3. No student can apply for any two of the above scholarships at the same time.                 







































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