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Non-degree Admission  
Non-degree Admission

1.Senior students for advanced study:

* generally possess a master’s degree or equivalent degree

* possess the ability to communicate in English or Chinese

2.Ordinary students for advanced study:

* higher than a sophomore level, and especially for those who want to pursue advanced studies in already learned courses  

* possess the ability to communicate in English or Chinese

 3.Chinese language students:

* graduated from senior high school

* Chinese language students are divided into two types: Long-term students and Short-term students

 Long-term students: students who register to study more than half a year (one semester). School begins in March or September every year. After the entrance examination, students will be placed into elementary, intermediate, and advanced classes.

 Short-term students: students who register to study less than two months.  According to your requirements, we can arrange a special schedule and special teaching assignments.

 Long-term class (0.5 up to 2 academic years)
 (1)  Primary level class
 The class includes: Basic Chinese, Listening, Spoken Chinese and some P.E. class  

 (2) Intermediate level class
 The class includes: Reading, Writing, Listening, Spoken Chinese, and some cultural activities (self-funded)    

 (3) Intensive level class                                                    
 The class includes: Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and some cultural activities (self-funded)    

 Short-term class (4 weeks to one-half academic year)

 (1) Chinese language                                                          
 The class includes: Basic Chinese, Listening, Spoken Chinese, Reading, Writing, Chinese Culture, Kongfu, Chinese song, Chinese dancing.  

  (2) Travel(self-funded):

 The university can arrange group trips to Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Xi'an, Beijing, Hangzhou, Yellow Mount and other places of interest according to students’ interests, but travel costs are paid by foreign students themselves.


  Long-term program:   

      Liberal Arts                     USD750/Month

      Science,Engineering        USD825/Month

 Short-term Program:

      Liberal Arts                     USD1500/Quarter

      Science,Engineering        USD1650/Quarter


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