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Degree Admission
Li Zhouyan

Undergraduate Requirements:

1. Non-Chinese citizens in good health, have graduated from high school, and be under the age of 30;

2. Those who apply for natural science or management science must pass HSK Band 4; those who apply for social sciences must pass HSK Band 6, if possible;

3. Good academic performance in senior high school.  

Undergraduate program:http://en.zjou.edu.cn/tp1/eo.htm


Application Deadline: June 1, 2015


Liberal Arts                                                                           USD2,200 /year

Science, Engineering, Economics, Business, Aquaculture   USD2,400/Year

Medical Science                                                                     USD2,200/Year


Graduate Requirements:

Academic majors formaster’s degree are established in colleges anddepartments affiliated to eight schools of Ocean Science and Technology, Fisheries,Food Science & Pharmaceutics, Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering, Shipping,Port & Civil Engineering, Petro-Chemical & Energy Engineering,Mathematics, Physics & Information Science, and Management. With program length of 2-3 academic years, master’s degree programs are offered in Chinese generally, while some English-taught programsare also available. Graduates fulfilling all the degree requirements will beawarded the master’s degree.

       1. Non-Chinese citizens in good health

2. A bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 40 (Age limit is flexible for healthy applicants with certain work experienceand high academic ability)

3. HSK 4-5 for Chinese-taught programs; no Chinese language proficiency requirements for English-taught programs, but  (except for English native speakers) IELTS test score 6.0 (or above).      

Master’s degree Program: http://en.zjou.edu.cn/tp1/eo1.htm

         Application Deadline: June 1, 2015

      Please make sure the mailed application documents arrive before deadline.    

Commencement of the Programs:
       Master’s degree programs of Zhejiang Ocean University usually start at the beginning of September. For the exact date, please refer to the Admission Notice.


Liberal Arts                                             USD2,800 /year

Science, Engineering, Aquaculture          USD3,000 /year

         Graduate program: http://en.zjou.edu.cn/tp1/eo1.htm     


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